garage-factory-storage-gateBlinds were window pallets that were used in ancient times and that protect windows from sunlight, weather conditions and impacts. However, in today's modern world, the usage areas of blinds have expanded and developed.

When we look at the old times, the blinds that were controlled only by physical power have become fast, effective and practical by being synchronized with the motors today. Motorized shutters, known as automatic shutters, have started to meet many needs together with motor systems.

Automatic shutters, which have different types and models, are carefully produced by Elegant Çelik. Our company carries out studies and offers services to ensure customer satisfaction with its automatic blinds, which are highly functional and require professional workmanship in terms of technical features. The choice of automatic shutters, which have many different models and designs in terms of the region and usage, is made in line with the needs and requests.

The usage areas of automatic shutter systems are increasing day by day. In addition to offering many advantages to its users, one of the reasons why it is so preferred is that it provides a stylish and decorative appearance. Automatic blinds are one of the safest protection systems besides their elegant designs and stylish looks.

Automatic shutter systems have many advantages. It provides superior protection against adverse external factors such as rain, wind, snow and extreme temperatures. It is among the security systems deemed necessary for the protection of workplaces and stores, which are of financial importance. In addition, it plays a deterrent role for homes and workplaces in order to prevent theft cases.


Automatic shutter systems are highly functional products. When they are closed, they completely prevent the area in which they are used from being observed from the outside. This situation, which is important in terms of privacy, encourages people to use blinds. In addition, automatic blinds play a great role in preventing unfortunate events such as theft.

Automatic shutter systems protect the areas where they are used against all negative external factors and prevent them from being damaged by harsh climatic conditions.

It provides a high level of protection against the harmful effects of sun rays in all areas where all kinds of goods, furniture and electronic devices that can be damaged by sun rays are located and stored. At the same time, since automatic blinds are products that can be designed in decorative forms, they offer all protection effects with an elegant appearance.

Automatic blinds, which are good insulation products, isolate the area where they are used from these situations by preventing load, sound and noise pollution.

Automatic shutter systems are very practical in terms of use as they open and close by themselves without requiring physical power.

Automatic blinds technically provide a high degree of heat, sound and light insulation. With this aspect, it plays a major role in the protection of budgets financially.

It can be turned on and off using a remote control or a fixed button. There are product options produced using aluminum extrusion lamella or polyurethane filled aluminum lamella materials in different sizes and designs.

With tubular motors, it thermally protects the overheating that may occur due to the effects of strain. Automatic shutter systems have an uninterrupted power supply and are designed with great care in terms of their operation.

All products of automatic shutter systems have many different types and model options. While these products are manufactured, technical analyzes are made and designs are made in accordance with the architectural structure of the area where they will be used. In addition, thanks to the aluminum materials included in its content, the occurrence of situations such as rusting is prevented. These products have a very long service life.

The automatic shutter systems offered by our company consist of state-of-the-art products and we offer our customers a solution-oriented aesthetic product service experience.

Automatic shutter systems are very practical products in every process from assembly to installation and even use.

Elegant Çelik offers automatic shutter services to our valued customers with the latest technology systems and professional product support process. You can examine our products, which combine quality and reasonable price, on our website, and you can contact our company for more detailed information.