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What is Automatic Shutter?

Automatic shutters are types of shutters that are widely used in workplaces, that have an automation system that is used to close doors and windows and provide security. Automatic shutters are also preferred because of the decorative appearance they provide to the areas where they are used.

Automatic shutters are more functional and practical, unlike old-style shutters. The wooden blades used in old-style shutters, and the covers made of heavy iron and sheet metal, caused many difficulties to their users. For this reason, the use of automatic shutters has become very common in our country and all over the world recently.

Automatic shutters can be easily controlled automatically and manually with the help of remote controls and wall-mounted buttons and switches. No physical force or intervention is required during the opening and closing operations. With automatic shutters, many possible accidents are eliminated. In all aspects, automatic shutters are much more useful and aesthetic products than old-style shutters.

All the needs and demands of the customers are taken into account in the production of automatic shutters. Afterwards, the areas where the shutters will be used are analyzed and products are revealed in line with the area needs. Automatic shutter systems, which provide a high level of security and have a very long service life, fully meet all the expectations of their users and provide advantages in every aspect.

It is not right to limit the use of automatic shutters to workplaces. These products, which have different varieties, are used in garages, windows and doors of houses, warehouses and many different facilities.

What are the Automatic Shutter Types?

Automatic shutter types are classified according to being electric and motorized when viewed from the general framework. However, these two types of automatic shutters also have models and options depending on their usage areas. Likewise, it is also possible to diversify in terms of power used in automatic shutter systems.

Automatic Shutter Types in terms of Power Sources

Automatic shutters are divided into two as electric automatic shutters and motorized automatic shutters in terms of the power sources they are used. Both power supplies provide sufficient efficiency.

Motorized Automatic Shutters:

Motorized automatic shutters are powered by motors called shutter motors. Although there are no obvious differences between the products in which motors are used as a power source and electrical products, it is known that there are small differences in terms of working principle. Motorized automatic shutters and electric automatic shutters provide the same advantages and the decision is left entirely to the discretion of the customer.

Electric Automatic Shutters:

Although there are minor differences in terms of working principles, there are no serious differences between electric automatic shutters and motorized automatic shutters. The biggest difference is that the energy needed for the operation of the system is provided by different sources. As with almost all automatic shutter systems, it is generally used outdoors. In addition, while it can be used with switches or wall-mounted buttons, it can also be controlled by a remote control. The opening and closing of these products is only possible with fixed buttons and remote controls. It is not possible for them to be opened by outside interventions. In addition, there is no risk of accident and it is very safe as it automatically stops working at opening and closing points.

It is seen that both of these automatic shutter systems provide a high level of security in every aspect. Electric and motorized automatic shutters can be produced in desired sizes, designs and colors. Decorative views, being resistant to fire and other natural disasters and preventing dust are the most well-known reasons for preference. It protects the areas where they are used against all kinds of negative effects.

Automatic Shutter Types According to The Areas They Are Used

When considered in this maintenance, automatic shutter systems are divided into 3 as automatic shutters used in doors, windows and garages.