Sliding garden gates are among the gate systems used for security purposes. It is seen that it is frequently preferred for the entrances of all kinds of private and official institutions as well as the owners of residences and villas. Sliding garden doors are very functional in terms of controlling the entrances and exits to the interior and preventing the entry of foreigners.

Sliding garden gates are automation systems used especially for the purpose of providing security. They adapt to many areas with wrought iron applications and laser designs. Due to their decorative appearance, they offer a synchronized appearance with the landscaped architectural structures of private properties and villas.

Sliding garden gates are generally applied to a large area. In this case, it is very important that its use is practical. In sliding garden gates, security is provided without dealing with negative situations such as hanging door system and rail problems. In addition, sliding garden gates continue to function by constantly fulfilling their functions without being adversely affected by bad weather conditions as well as uneven ground and slope.

It is possible to use the sliding gates manually in case of power failure. They offer the ability to control manually. Many control systems such as remote control or fixed button control can be easily applied to sliding garden gates.

Sliding garden gates consist of main parts such as automatic gate motor, remote control, safety photocell, rack gear, warning lights.

Garden door motors are the most important parts that enable the doors to open and close automatically and work by using a power source such as electricity. If engine maintenance is done regularly and used correctly, it can be used for many years without any problems. Garden gate motors, which are highly resistant to bad weather conditions and any impact that may come from the outside, may face malfunctions if they are not regularly maintained and repaired.

Remote controls allow sliding gates to be controlled from a distance. Since sliding garden gates are not products that can move quickly enough, people approaching the gate with a vehicle provide the gate control from a certain distance with a remote control. Thus, when the vehicle arrives at the door, the door remains open.

Rack Gear is used in sliding garden gates to convert the rotational movement to linear movements. The rack gear is one of the most important parts in sliding garden gates and it moves linearly, enabling the pinion gear to perform the rotational movement. As soon as the sliding gates are operated, the motor is activated, turning the rack gear and the opening and closing movements of the gate are fulfilled.

Safety Photocells are safety sensors used during the operation of sliding garden gates. Thanks to these photocells, every object in the doorway is perceived as a vehicle or living thing during opening and closing, and reverse movement is ensured, thus preventing possible accidents. This system has a unit that works as a receiver and transmitter by means of infrared signals in sliding garden gates. Receivers and transmitters are mounted in such a way that they see each other and the system is installed in the door automation.

Warning lamps are never used to give light in sliding garden gates. The purpose of these lamps is to signal that the door is operating and to prevent unwanted accidents. Warning lamps are one of the most important parts that must be included in sliding garden gates.

As it is known, sliding garden gates are relatively slow moving automatic gates. However, our company's spare parts services also include garden door motors designed for fast doors. These motors are used to prevent the loss of time in front of the door.

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