Industrial, that is, sectional door systems, are products designed to be used at warehouse, factory and parking lot entrances. It is also used at material entry and exit points and vehicle crossing points. Industrial doors provide a high level of security due to the steel polyurethane filled materials used in their designs. At the same time, industrial doors are very advantageous products in terms of energy saving.

Industrial doors manufactured by using transparent plexiglass can be used easily in areas where it is important to see the interior, such as the show room. These products are among the preferred sectional doors with the transparency they provide.

With its sectional door systems that prioritize isolation, it is among the most suitable choices for loading and unloading works that require speed in facilities.

Industrial doors are very long-lasting and durable products. Polyurethane filled interior materials and exterior steel or optional aluminum panels greatly affect the service life and durability of these products.

One of the biggest advantages of industrial doors is that they are highly insulated with rubber wicks, thus preventing any kind of leakage. In addition to these features, it also has very strong insulation properties.

It is very easy and effortless to open and close industrial doors that can be used automatically or manually.

Doors with automation system have pneumatic safety systems. Thus, any vehicle or material under the door is prevented from being damaged. These safety systems enable the door to detect the pressure change and enter the reopening mode with a pressure sensitivity of 5mbar.

Industrial doors are products with high level of usage safety. They also have a safety system against rope breakage and spring breakage accidents on the doors.

Sectional doors are products that slide towards the ceiling. This is very efficient in terms of indoor use. Moreover, in this way, the door opening can be used more clearly. Industrial doors can be applied by evaluating standard, high, low or guillotine bedding options.

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It should not be forgotten that, as with every mechanical product, it is very important to have regular maintenance and repair in industrial doors. Although it varies depending on the operating frequency and usage patterns of the doors, the doors that are regularly maintained are 12 years on average. Afterwards, these doors can continue to be used with very low costs by replacing only the springs.

Usage Areas of Industrial Doors

These doors are versatile and widely used products. They are mostly preferred because they are fast and prevent airflow. In addition, they are very sensitive products against sound and noise pollution and prevent air pollution and moisture formation. In addition to being durable and long-lasting products, they are very safe automation systems. They contribute to the increase of efficiency in the workplaces with their insulation power and speed.

Generally; It is used in many areas such as factories, warehouses, garages, parking lots, production facilities, personal property and residences, car washes, car galleries, workshops, fairgrounds and exhibitions, goods reception areas, shopping malls.

Industrial doors are used in all these areas to increase the speed of work, to provide security, to add visual richness and to evaluate the door areas more functionally. In addition, the ease of installation and use is among the reasons why the products are preferred.

Industrial doors, which provide advantages in terms of energy saving as well as being such functional, safe and practical products, should be subject to regular maintenance and repair