Today, product manufacturing with steel construction are frequently preferred in a wide variety of industrial sectors. It is a metal that is widely used in many fields and transportation from the construction industry to the packaging industry. In the modern age, the absence of steel construction manufacturing in industrial operation is almost out of question. Steel construction manufacturing also takes place in the manufacture of a large number of equipment.

Steel construction manufacturing is the process of creating a structure by combining, changing and cutting raw material types. Steel construction manufacturing is used in many areas in today's industry to meet security demands. The steel construction is very durable and can support many hard, heavy loads. It is a custom-made product with a versatile and wide usage area in aviation, healthcare and very wide industrial areas.

Elegant Çelik meets the needs of its customers with its high-security and low-cost steel construction manufacturing services suitable for every project.

In today's conditions, time is considered as cash and efficient use of time is very important in modern industry. Our company continues to work professionally in order to keep up with the high demands of today's modern industry, where regularity and timing are so important, and to provide the best service. Steel construction fabrication and production is a multifaceted endeavor that requires mastery and combining a wide variety of services throughout the entire process.

Steel construction production is a very detailed manufacturing process. The only purpose in the manufacturing and production phase should not be to bring together the necessary metals to create the ideal structure. In this process, analysis, design and installation services are of great importance.

After the steel construction manufacturing is completed, the assembly process begins. However, since each structure and demand is very different and even personalized, the assembly processes become more complicated than expected. Our company carries out every stage of the process with mastery and meticulousness and provides all the necessary support to its customers.

Steel construction manufacturing is a long, tiring and professional work, but it is a very personal production stage. As Elegant Çelik, we continue our work without slowing down in order to achieve the ideal harmony by using many techniques together with our team during the manufacturing process.

Our company not only reaches every region of Turkey, but also aims to reach every region of Asia and Europe. In line with these goals, the positive feedback we receive from all of our services and customer satisfaction are our reference.

Changes can be made in the techniques we use in the steel construction products manufactured by our company, in line with the demands.

These techniques are; sandblasting, cutting, bending and coating.

Sandblasting is based on a protocol based on small sized steel beads in order to remove impurities contained in the metal, which is the fabrication process, in the production of steel construction fabrication. With this technique, the surfaces are completely cleaned and made perfect for the next stage, welding, painting, polishing and all other services. Therefore, it is very useful and preferred.

The cutting process is the cutting of the steel in the desired dimensions, in line with the needs, just before manufacturing. Steel cutting processes are carried out using a wide variety of techniques in order to be more functional and efficient.

With the bending technique, cases where bending of the bent metal is obligatory in order to keep up with architectural engineering are eliminated. This technique is mostly used in modern steel construction designs.

The coating process is applied to prevent undesirable situations such as corrosion by coating steel construction materials.

Elegant Çelik works without slowing down to be one of the most preferred leading companies in the sector and offers the most reliable service in steel construction manufacturing.